How I Found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t

Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, I'll discuss how I found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t, and show his reaction to my sudden appearance!
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homieonice (Instagram)
M&L: Paper Jam
Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:
leijurv (Visuals, heatmaps)
Amin0Acid (Screenshots)
Thumbnail Render: xcc2

If you enjoyed learning about how I found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t, I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button! Finding Schlatt's base was not exactly easy. Well, for the Nerds, not for me, lol
A tale 3 years in the making is not exactly a speedrun.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!

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    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVE8 kun oldin
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      Imran HossainImran Hossain5 kun oldin
  • Confirmed, FITMC is SwaggerSouls. The voice was the tip and this is the total throw of the hat

    Trevor MuncyTrevor MuncySoat oldin
  • 2b2t reminds me of Fortnite events except the players create the events themeselves lol

    Peace UnrealPeace Unreal3 soat oldin
  • Be my narrator

    Hios CrewHios Crew3 soat oldin
  • where do i go to sign up for priority access on 2b2t, i haven't been able to get into the world cause of que

    Truck driverTruck driver4 soat oldin
  • I'm really interested to see if the 2b2t will update to 1.18 at some point and how the expanded limits will effect the server.

    Cullens WorkshopCullens Workshop5 soat oldin
  • Literally everything comes back to itristan

    Thunder BananasThunder Bananas7 soat oldin
  • I want to see Schlatt and Techno running rampant in 2b2t... That would be the best Minecraft thing ever made

    hen kohen ko8 soat oldin
  • OMG OCD Is when you have to repeat something over and over again for no reason it has nothing to do with organization

    Ellis the aiEllis the ai8 soat oldin
    • Hrvrje djdbdjvrhr

      hen kohen ko7 soat oldin
  • i didnt even know jshlatt played 2b2t

    ExentrikHDExentrikHD9 soat oldin

    SynnK FPSSynnK FPS10 soat oldin
  • Slime 4 schlattt

    k dotk dot11 soat oldin
  • “Don’t google crum” Alright I won’t Edit: I googled crum

    The Amazing SpyThe Amazing Spy11 soat oldin
  • what a disgusting voice, it sounds like an egoistic "AlphaM" type channel voice

    Frederick PintoFrederick Pinto14 soat oldin
  • We do a small amount of tomfoolery

    FIERCE DeDeDeFIERCE DeDeDe15 soat oldin
  • bruh wot

    Alex PowleyAlex Powley16 soat oldin
  • Ayo- 😥😣😥😥😣😣😎😣😎😥😎😣😎😣😎😥😎😣😎

    VanillaVanilla17 soat oldin
  • Love the NoCom thing in the start

    MR. CodderMR. Codder17 soat oldin
  • that's a decent amount of deez in one sentence

    Tom MiddletonTom Middleton18 soat oldin

    Project 101Project 10118 soat oldin
  • You sound like ranboo but nice

    Te_eTe_e19 soat oldin
  • Remind me of early builds, Lovely!

    Léo VillantLéo Villant19 soat oldin

    coyotelordcoyotelord19 soat oldin
  • Ammm sorry cram Definition of "crum" [crum] "Crumb, or crum, in case you didnt know, is slang for p**** and also, in some circles, slang for whats left of a womans cake after shes already given a slice to someone else." Do not take this seriously 😸😸😸 pls...

  • Hrvrje djdbdjvrhr

    Laura TacderanLaura Tacderan21 soat oldin
  • jSchallats base JSchllat is The enemy of TOMMYINNIT AT DREAM SMP

    Laura TacderanLaura Tacderan21 soat oldin
  • 2M subs

    Sebas B.Sebas B.22 soat oldin
  • it's called we do a little trolling

    PhantomPhazePhantomPhazeKun oldin
  • Fit be like “i saw him walk by a flower and that flower looked specific I have seen that red flower somewhere before 🤣”

    Kid wolfKid wolfKun oldin
  • what client are you using??

    TheGamingGamerTheGamingGamerKun oldin
    • Future client

      uncle tobyuncle tobyKun oldin
  • Fit can u do Roblox histoy vidies

    CARMEN RodriguezCARMEN RodriguezKun oldin
  • I was thinking a couple days ago while I was smoking on some Gorilla glue, what if Fit IS HAUSEMASTER.

    Yung BruhYung BruhKun oldin
  • What client does fit use?

    Ethan AugustEthan AugustKun oldin
    • futureclient

      Banana VeyBanana VeyKun oldin
  • Just when I thought 2b2t couldn't get any better, now Jschlatt is in the actual server

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheKun oldin
    • Your everywhere

      DxryxDxryx23 soat oldin
    • K lololololol

      3q 523q 52Kun oldin
  • I think I saw fit in nyc

    Dave 153Dave 153Kun oldin
  • 6:09

    SlimefulSlimefulKun oldin
  • This man straight moused over those diamond blocks.

    AlistairDanteAlistairDanteKun oldin
  • ima google crum

    Silence BulletSilence BulletKun oldin
  • If all these chunks are already generated...whats the point of updating to 1.16?

    Tyrel68Tyrel68Kun oldin
    • There are still thousands of ungenerated chunks on 2b2t

      YukioYukioKun oldin
  • 0:27 pov: you just said facial hair.

    a very grumpy cat why not?a very grumpy cat why not?Kun oldin
  • The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft

  • Actually tho, how did they know that was Schlatt's alt?

    NecroNovaNecroNovaKun oldin
  • hmmm Amin0Acid?

    ItsAmineXDItsAmineXDKun oldin
  • 8:05 me looks it up anyway

    Vortex YtVortex YtKun oldin
  • The massive owo still being there pains me.

    foxydapirate 09foxydapirate 09Kun oldin
  • so i heard that previous owner of dream's minecraft account was pretty toxic, so after i watched this video, i thought that there's a possibility that dream's account joined 2b2t at some point. I think it's a pretty good idea to try and find something that relates to the account

    Максим ПоляковМаксим ПоляковKun oldin
  • Has 2b2t updated?

    Suryansh SuryanshSuryansh SuryanshKun oldin
  • No Comment

    Richa SrivastavaRicha SrivastavaKun oldin
  • 6:48 what is the name of this mod. I really need it I have tried to find it, but I couldn't find it. I'm trying to find a thing on a server but all of them that I find are looted.

    { Heylicool }{ Heylicool }Kun oldin
    • It is not a mod it is a hack called new chunks

      uncle tobyuncle tobyKun oldin
  • One and a half seconds

    vanil sting10vanil sting10Kun oldin
  • Are you hacker?

    Caca NamaskaŕaCaca NamaskaŕaKun oldin
  • Ahh another video about THE NERDS

    Syafi HamdaniSyafi HamdaniKun oldin
  • The epic music at the start tho…

    Syafi HamdaniSyafi HamdaniKun oldin
  • Wow

    SleepSleepKun oldin
  • Bald jschlatt looks like a dollar store kane

    Anotherordinaryguy 499Anotherordinaryguy 499Kun oldin
  • Whats crum

    mattmattKun oldin

    ジャン・ザ・グレートジャン・ザ・グレートKun oldin
  • Sis he just stole diamonds on 2:28 ?

    The LionThe LionKun oldin
  • So you wonder what other celebrities have played on 2b2t, Fit? I have seen a minecraft account on 2b2t which I have also been used on youtube by twomad. The account's name is Football. Happy hunting.

    PawnchPawnchKun oldin
  • Searched Crum I regret every moment of opened eyed shock

    Caius MilikaaCaius MilikaaKun oldin
  • Schlatt: Dude how did you find my 2b2t base? Fit: You're Schlatt! We have to know!

    KaiserKaiserKun oldin
  • pls 5b5t

    GMD KingGMD KingKun oldin
  • “That’s a lot of D’s”

    Cookie Time ECookie Time E2 kun oldin
  • kpopbob 😂

    NeverOver BGNeverOver BG2 kun oldin
  • He played tb2t last year? Is that why his always about power and now a minecraft alcoholic?

    U NodU Nod2 kun oldin
  • I think the new Netherrack texture is gross to be honest

    SchmellenbergSchmellenberg2 kun oldin
  • can you make a video about dupes item in minecraft 1.16.5?

    Leng PanhaLeng Panha2 kun oldin
  • dude istg fit is becoming the new voiceoverpete

    Sara ballSara ball2 kun oldin
  • lols

    Sh0nSh0n2 kun oldin
  • actual stalker

    gamegame2 kun oldin
  • are we gonna ignore how he leaked his cords

    Mavrick MonetMavrick Monet2 kun oldin
  • How tf, you ask? We'll I've never seen fit and Haus at the same gym at the same time....

    gittyupalice96gittyupalice962 kun oldin
  • Ya know hes a man of culture when he uses trollge

    Thoriq HarisThoriq Haris2 kun oldin
  • Fit in the update 18.0.0 2b2t will have to be reset for the new world height and deep dark to find/kill the warden and especially having crash issues

    Mael The ArcangelMael The Arcangel2 kun oldin
    • They won't reset and if they update to 1.16 it will likely be that last update they do

      uncle tobyuncle tobyKun oldin
  • Anyone relatively well-known: exists kpopbob: *hippity hoppity your coords are now my property*

    ThatDoodYeetThatDoodYeet2 kun oldin
  • what hacks are u using I want to use them

    Anders LeeAnders Lee2 kun oldin
    • Future

      uncle tobyuncle tobyKun oldin
  • 4:44 hmmm Mario & Luigi Paper Jam music... I see Fit is a man of culture as well.

    Muffin ManMuffin Man2 kun oldin
  • 9:25 That's a mouthful of D's

    GlacShadowGlacShadow2 kun oldin
  • the youtubers are hiding, a m o n g u s

    Blue Moon7Blue Moon72 kun oldin

    n o t a s i m pn o t a s i m p2 kun oldin
  • Tommyinnit

    Maria RodriguezMaria Rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • 2:09

    Connor JenningsConnor Jennings2 kun oldin
  • World download link?

  • I recognize that oak plank block. see you soon

    K A L O XK A L O X2 kun oldin
  • schlatt can build????

    LeafyACE rLeafyACE r2 kun oldin
  • fit you should reply no comment

    David Lim 阿峻David Lim 阿峻2 kun oldin
  • Searches for the word "crum" on Urban Dictionary has a huge spike in September 2021. I wonder why.

    SAsalttotartSAsalttotart2 kun oldin
  • crum means our you know what.

    It's StevieIt's Stevie2 kun oldin
  • schlatt

    AtomspalterAtomspalter2 kun oldin
  • I googled crum

    MARXthereal *MARXthereal *2 kun oldin
  • We could make a whole anime series with this.

    S- TaleS- Tale2 kun oldin
  • 2:12 whan adds are over

    Epic Kids have dripEpic Kids have drip2 kun oldin
  • Man, just the intro, that trollface and ride of the valkyries makes a lethal combo

    HEROBRINO85HEROBRINO852 kun oldin
  • what the hell was that thumbnail

    TrulytrashTrulytrash2 kun oldin
  • Why he have new 1.15 textures

    Andrej&MartinAndrej&Martin2 kun oldin

    EggEgg2 kun oldin
  • When ur a verified ytber but u barely have any views so you just comment some random shit for people to visit your channel

    Nik HilmiNik Hilmi2 kun oldin
  • I Googled crum i had to and i didn't see anything or did i just not read what crum means

    Marcus Victor MitraMarcus Victor Mitra2 kun oldin
  • Imagine Stampy playing in 2b2t

    FuxionXDFuxionXD2 kun oldin
  • The Chest XD

    SavageBear Plays YTSavageBear Plays YT2 kun oldin