Motorcycle Riders - You're Leaning the Wrong Way

Ever notice that police motorcyclists lean their bodies *away* from a turn? They're trained to. But why might this uncommon body position be helpful for our motorbikes?

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  • I've done this naturally for years but thought my technique was slower. Who knew?

    Nott JohnNott John24 daqiqa oldin
  • dear Ryan, do you mean centrifugal or maybe centripetal force? There is no such thing as centrifical force. . . or please enlighten me if my junior fisiks is erred . .

    RichardRichard38 daqiqa oldin
  • Valentino Rossi left the group😄

    Glofer AninoGlofer AninoSoat oldin
  • Now I want a poutine.

    CrazyCatGamerCrazyCatGamer2 soat oldin
  • The fact that you used a song created by an artist named “squiid” for this video is incredible.

    Ethan KnightEthan Knight2 soat oldin
  • Massive testicles. Lol

    Reverend CowarDReverend CowarD3 soat oldin
  • Tks.

    Michael ArmstrongMichael Armstrong3 soat oldin
  • That music tho

  • I think the forces mostly change by the angle of the bike, not the body. In high speed turns you need more gravity and less centrifugal force so you can depend less on the tyre and road condition. You need to keep the motorcycle as much up right as you can and that's why you have to lean in. Also the suspension is working better I think and can give less surprises. That's just my opinion and understanding. Sorry for my english plus I have never ridden a motorcycle yet in my life.

    Skliroulis 00Skliroulis 004 soat oldin
  • Nothing said on weighting the pegs. Supermoto, Motocross and Dirt Track; racing fundamentals include weighting the pegs to keep the weight down low. Lower CG better grip. I can't speak for MotoGP but I suspect, weight on the pegs also matters, when the feet come off the balance is disturbed.

    Andrew S.Andrew S.5 soat oldin
  • Wow, that's really surprising.

    Paul WhatPaul What5 soat oldin
  • Yup, I always leaned outward and was always called "you ride weird"...LOL

    Meeker ExtremeMeeker Extreme5 soat oldin
  • Thanks captain, very important subject

  • Do a video about backfireing. Pleasee

    ramon gomezramon gomez6 soat oldin
  • The vox line +1 haha

    NoRoom4commies 0NoRoom4commies 06 soat oldin
  • I've always been counter leaning when i was doing long distance driving. I always thought it was wrong but this video showed me it was alright. Always felt weird that i was doing it differently than everybody else but i always get more balance in corners when i counter lean

    B O IB O I7 soat oldin
  • Ducati in MotoGP is like that one kid who builds a nuclear reactor aged 13 :D

    Matej SvrčekMatej Svrček7 soat oldin
  • you must trust your tyres, road, everything to controlean because it's more dangerous. you need to watch the road this is another reason why controlean is so dangerous.

    BertolliRobustoBertolliRobusto7 soat oldin
  • Tried this for the first time after watching this, 100% agree 👍.

    Chris YuillChris Yuill8 soat oldin
  • Why don't people counter steer leaning is dangerous especially near very large vehicles and when it is very windy.

    KOz1caaKOz1caa9 soat oldin
  • You forgot the important thing: the more you leaning your bike the worse the suspension works. Any road bump could be fatal, because leaning is maximum when you counterweighing.

    Zmey! SacredZmey! Sacred9 soat oldin
  • As the man with two penis says where should we start? Where tf do you get all these jokes you legend😂😂😂

    Mac PanMac Pan9 soat oldin
  • What happened to countersteering ?? Pylon rodeo, who will win, the leaner ? Or the countersteer ? I already know. Just food for thought.

    larslarsnlarslarsn9 soat oldin
  • Dodor!

    István dr. DobóIstván dr. Dobó11 soat oldin
  • This video is interesting as it show a Superbike rider following a Supermoto rider on track and you can see the Supermoto rider change style but even does foot out at 120km/h with opposite lean at 2min10...Superbike rider knee down everywhere.

    TheLiddleBigChannelTheLiddleBigChannel11 soat oldin
  • Ryan, what is your opinion on Supermotos? How about a video where you discuss different types of motorcycles and what are the best ones in each category (in the opinion of mighty FortNine spokesperson).

    GENCEGENCE12 soat oldin
  • Counter leaning is taught for mountain bike cornering (usually flat turns)

    ZarrxZarrx12 soat oldin
  • That politics joke in the beginning is the best thing I've heard in awhile

    JP SJP S13 soat oldin
  • “Marc Márquez is the most skilled rider…” -> UNSUSCRIBE

    Ivo ColomboIvo Colombo13 soat oldin
  • Amusing and mostly correct. You seem to have forgotten one important issue. Did you invest heavily in cruiser bike companies supplying crash bars, side pipes and engine cases? Have you never touched down a metal or plastic part of a bike in a corner - it can be an instant education in the difference in the coefficient of friction of different materials. The other big advantage of leaning is to keep hard parts off the ground. Having had an old GSX1100 shift itself instantly a foot across a hard corner (when the pipe, centerstand and engine case all took over from my rear tire for traction) it's a well-learned lesson. You're going to have a bunch of cruiser-mounted followers counter-leaning their way to the ER if you don't add some qualifications and explanations to "if you're approaching maximum cornering speed". Last I looked that magic number wasn't being displayed anywhere, even in the owners manuals.

    Mark SoperMark Soper13 soat oldin
  • LOVE these, thank you!

    Dan SalasDan Salas14 soat oldin
  • Thanks but not convinced at all. You're comparing 30km/h corners and 300km/h. Counterlean is very fast and efficient on slow speed chicanes, and sharp 'slow' speed turns but that's almost all. In any other situations except these it has only disadvantages,i.e. more lean=more risk, less effective suspension work etc.

    kaveagkaveag14 soat oldin
  • .... OR when the road grades in the wrong direction (like a few spots on the Tail of the Dragon) and you need to turn but can't lean the bike any more.

    Mefaked ZMefaked Z14 soat oldin
  • Man, as a wannabe street rossi like myself, I do all of these techniques. Different turns for different situations

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony14 soat oldin
  • I'm not leaning the wrong way. All leans are valid. It's determined by circumstance.

    Gary RolenGary Rolen14 soat oldin
  • Your pronunciation of poutine is on point.

    Jason MateusJason Mateus15 soat oldin
  • It's fun cause it's exactly the opposite as what is taught by Yamaha Champion Riding School, even on the specific topic of the street riding. So I'll rather listen to them, sorry.

    Kevin BanksKevin Banks15 soat oldin
    • You are wrong . This is how you lean in a turn :)

      seiom jvonyseiom jvony14 soat oldin
  • I’ve been counter leaning for years and get nothing but crap from other riders. I learned over 30 years ago from PA State Troopers and that’s how they taught us

    Mitchell Caliman HaLeviMitchell Caliman HaLevi16 soat oldin
  • Always a great insight to all things motorcycle. You’ve definitely woken up other UZthers WoW 😮

    Derren RobertsDerren Roberts16 soat oldin
  • You were doing so well, then said gravity pulls your tire down. Air is less dense than tires. Road is more dense than tires. Buoyancy and density. Let go a helium balloon and say GRAVITY. 😂😂👍👍 That's the problem with repeaters. No individual thinking capacity 😒

    Sandman -Sandman -19 soat oldin
  • I rode with a fired one and counter leaned the whole time untli he asked me why tf I was leaning against his direction lol

    NorrotakuNorrotaku19 soat oldin
  • Steering the wrong way too

    Nick GibsonNick Gibson20 soat oldin
  • I lean backwards on turns

    MatowixMatowix20 soat oldin
  • 😃

    TFV YouTubeTFV YouTube20 soat oldin
  • drive on Ice, lean even a little and its washing out... black ice is a good drink.

    Arden NielsenArden Nielsen20 soat oldin
  • голос бездока, где ты )

    FotoromanovFotoromanov21 soat oldin
  • I guess the ones disliking the video have a higher "center of mass"... around their thick skull.

    SingularitySingularity21 soat oldin
  • This should've come out earlier like, damn I should've counterleaned on a 90degree corner, now I got wounds

    FUDieYou DieFUDieYou Die22 soat oldin
  • On road, your advice is dangerous. Ignored

    Andy HolmesAndy Holmes22 soat oldin
  • gooood ! i hate this guy ...

    ehsan naehsan na22 soat oldin
  • As someone who has high sided… the leg coming off is not counter balance. It’s reaction to the peg slamming back into your opposite foot if the bike catches traction.

    Lean McQueen94Lean McQueen9422 soat oldin
  • You are wrong . This is how you lean in a turn :)

    George FlemingGeorge FlemingKun oldin
  • Now I can explain my buddies why I counter lean at 120km+. Thanks to bring it in.

    Chitresh SharmaChitresh SharmaKun oldin
  • I actually feel much more confident and comfortable when counter-leaning in going through a corner :/

    JohannWWJohannWWKun oldin
  • Fortnine’s writing is better than any sitcom on TV. Time stamp 1:03

    FordGalaxie66FordGalaxie66Kun oldin
  • Man I just Keep watching these videos over and over again.

    Ethan KnightEthan KnightKun oldin
  • marc marques is the most skilled rider (shows a clip where the legendary VR46 was nailing a corner)

    Sushi TraxhSushi TraxhKun oldin
  • "fighting invisible forces" and "faster than a Chinese rocket" got me laughing so hard ^^ ... those along with other comments AND the succinct Physics crash course pushed me to Sub ! congrats !

    killercivic2001killercivic2001Kun oldin
  • Not only should you lean the wrong way, but run skinny tires too.

    saddlebagsaddlebagKun oldin
  • Know what's MORE important to turning than ALL of these techniques? EYES and more specifically, where you point them. Counter balancing isn't going to get you through those tight cones unless your eyes are already leading you through. And leaning off the bike more isn't going to help you get around that decreasing radius curve unless your head and eyes are already focused through the "exit" and beyond.

    Chris Van TilborgChris Van TilborgKun oldin
  • I had to come back and comment again. I've tried this technique for the past week and it has really helped with my low speed maneuvers and with 90 degree merges off a standing start. Where sometimes I might have overshot my lane I can now recover and tighten the turn. I can't believe that they never mentioned this during the training course that I took ten years back. Thanks for the practical knowledge, Ryan.

    Mark DMark DKun oldin
  • I remember watching this channel wondering how the heck does he not have more subscribers. The quality always impressed me, it's like he was born for this. But, I see the subscribers just keep climbing, so thats awesome.

    Roman KalinchukRoman KalinchukKun oldin
  • I dont think there is one single answer for this question, i think the direction you lean completely depends on what youre doing.

    S MS MKun oldin
  • My chicken strips prove I already use counterbalance.

    vwr32jeepvwr32jeepKun oldin
  • Counter leaning was my natural reaction, till now I thought it was not the right way to ride.

    sandesh vsandesh vKun oldin
  • Dude the way you lean is good for your bike bike not sport bikes

    Nathaniel BaggsNathaniel BaggsKun oldin
  • 03:19 aren't those producing lift?

    GusGusKun oldin
  • 01:55 I thought the leaning was meant to activate the positive caster angle on the front wheel, to make it turn.

    GusGusKun oldin
  • 01:00 how is this an illusion?

    GusGusKun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure this video proves you're right:

    Owen ColumbusOwen ColumbusKun oldin
  • That vox line was incredible. Subscribed.

    junior ochoajunior ochoaKun oldin
  • So now I know why all the Squids counter lean when turning- they watch you're videos!! LOL

    Todd BoutonTodd BoutonKun oldin
  • LOL- At7:03- you said that if you don't trust the edges of your tires and want to stay more upright- to counter lean? LOL I'm pretty sure that's why I lean inside, to keep my bike more upright in a corner. How about that Einstein? Too bad you're making money by people like me watching your drivel, when some of it is FOS.

    Todd BoutonTodd BoutonKun oldin
  • Worst advice ever out of FortNine. Great if you are on dirt on a Adventure bike. Simply horrible advice for a street rider on anything other than an adventure bike that has little concern over lean angle. Available lean angle is everything. Leaning into the turn buys you the room you need to safely round the turns. "We" are not leaning the wrong way, you are.

    charles garalischarles garalisKun oldin
  • First off: Love your videos! However, you should consider the dominant Supermoto rider Thomas Chareyre, for his unfailing neutral style. Thanks for all you do. :)

    S StClairS StClairKun oldin
  • Dude you going to test ride the 650 Vstrom Xt? It would be nice to see what you think .. Great vids as always

    Michael WMichael WKun oldin
  • song is Vaporize by Squiid (it’s on Spotify

    StefanStefanKun oldin
  • I took Advanced Rider Training's 2-week Motor Officer Certification course in 2017 and have been counter-balancing ever since. It's magic. Highly recommend the course-and counter-balancing. Thank you for having Sgt. Ryan Austin on to share his thoughts. He is an amazing rider and teacher. I hope to do another course with him and his team. And thank you for another great video.

    J LewisJ LewisKun oldin
  • One thing I see with this for guys with bigger bikes like Goldwings (my poison of choice) and low-riding full-dresser cruisers is that you have to keep in mind how much lean angle you have before hard parts hit the road. I found that when I'm enjoying the ride on a super twisty road that I often forget this until I hear grinding. Lucky for me I've wrecked this way only once. A few cracked ribs, less skin on my arms, nerve damage on my hip, and a couple of grand into a bike repair and I learned my lesson. So now I lean with the bike in tight corners but also use counter lean as needed, being mindful of the bikes and my limitations. My riding style has changed a lot over the years as I've learned to be a better rider. I now tend to put my foot at a downward angle on the side the bikes leaning toward. Normally the tip of my boot makes contact with the road before any hard parts. Sort of an early warning system. One of the reasons I hate floorboards is they won't allow the rider to angle their feet. Videos like this are great and I believe this is sound advice. But I also believe riders need to be aware that the same tips might not apply well to all styles of bikes. Go look at photos and videos of some of the best riding roads in the country. Look at those that wreck on those roads, almost all of them are counter-leaning and leaning the bike way past a safe lean angle. Almost all of them are on big heavy bikes with low-hanging hard parts.

    Eddie SprouseEddie SprouseKun oldin
  • 5:49. Lol

    BrandonV.2BrandonV.2Kun oldin
  • The good and cool way to learn physics

    Carlos HuertaCarlos HuertaKun oldin
  • Love this video! Well, I love all of your videos! And I took physics in college, which makes your videos even more interesting. But, let's not neglect lean angle clearance. That matters a lot. Try counter-leaning on a bike with poor cornering clearance and things will get ugly fast.

    Clay NicolsenClay NicolsenKun oldin
  • if u dint know this go take a bike course lol you shouldn't be riding

    Jeff SomethingJeff SomethingKun oldin
  • learned this at like age 5

    Jeff SomethingJeff SomethingKun oldin
  • Huge testicles? Must be vaccinated.

    Steven HubertSteven HubertKun oldin
  • Imagine listening to a youtuber foh

    Keven MDKeven MDKun oldin
  • Ryan Dropping new videos to educate us all, it's A good Day

    Jönathan 69Jönathan 69Kun oldin
  • What I'm missing in this video that has all the physics in it is a reference to the Kamm circle. Your tire can only transmit so much force and the more you lean the more it is already exhausted by the lateral force. That said, pushing your bike into the corner is fine as long as you don't accelerate or use the brake. IMO this is too simple an approach -- for me its pushing at lower speeds and when off the road, but then you cannot use your brakes in the corner. At higher speeds and on the road always stay neutral or lean the bike in case something unforeseen happens.

    Michael SchellerMichael SchellerKun oldin
  • There, bam, someone said it! Would love to see a piece on Yamaha 2wd dirt bikes and Mr Honda, power valve and VTEC progression. Thanks for what you do ✌️❤️💫

    Josh OJosh OKun oldin
  • FortNine Videos: First press like button and then watch.

    NitinNitinKun oldin
  • Okay, time to try this counterleaning on my sharp slow turns. Ther is one corner in my daily work drive that gives me creeps, maybe i can make it easier.

    kret63kret63Kun oldin
  • I lean into the corner to keep the bike more upright

    Chris BrownChris BrownKun oldin
  • Nice work! Thank you for another cool video.

    dicaenusdicaenusKun oldin
  • Kodos! Really nice video! Subscribed

    DavidDavidKun oldin
  • Dont do this going 50mph through a hairpin on the backroads. You will fall.

    matthias von neefematthias von neefeKun oldin
  • So in short: - High speed and long curve = lean - Slow speed and sharp curve = counter lean - Avarage speed and normal curve = stay upright

    Fredrik HanssonFredrik HanssonKun oldin
  • That’s funny I’ve always counter-leaned, it’s just always felt more natural.

    BmwryderBmwryderKun oldin
  • damn king jofferys little bro grew up and got really into motorcycles huh

    JeBron LamezJeBron LamezKun oldin
  • Ryan F9: "Motorcycle riders, you're leaning the wrong way." Motorcycle riders: "No, we're not."

    MackPMackPKun oldin