Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Morty injects himself with Rick’s downloaded brain and learns Rick’s tragic backstory.
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Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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  • What if all the ricks that abandoned their family’s didn’t abandon them it’s because Rick killed all of them to find the Rick that killed his family

    E46mattE46matt55 daqiqa oldin
  • Will there be a seson 6

    Aidan GAidan GSoat oldin
  • This is why iam glad Rick and Morty has stayed away from Time Travel and i hope they never do.

    BCFC 29BCFC 29Soat oldin
  • Young rick looks sick as fuck

    Loki SpeaksLoki SpeaksSoat oldin
  • Not so much of a fabricated backstory, is it Rick?

    ChaoticbraindeadratChaoticbraindeadratSoat oldin
  • I really think evil Morty is the rick that killed his family....

    DerpLord9000 AwesomeDerpLord9000 AwesomeSoat oldin
  • Why did I theorize that the whole time his fabricated backstory was actually his real one but he was just afraid to admit it or something like that (could be because I’ve been close to his mentality before)

    LC YT MusicLC YT Music2 soat oldin
  • I’ll have what Morty is having! (Insane trip)🥴😎

    Dofu YouDofu You2 soat oldin
  • its sad how rick try to find the guy who killed his wife and his daughter

    Gabrian Karsten SakafiGabrian Karsten Sakafi2 soat oldin
  • This makes up for everything wrong with season five up until this point. Mortyplicity, the show's worst episode, is officially forgiven.

    Thoughtful DevilThoughtful Devil4 soat oldin
    • @Hiddle Subblubites It sucked but Mortyplicity was overstimulating to the point of being painful to sit through. The sperm episode sucked too, it was just less overbearing, imo.

      Thoughtful DevilThoughtful Devil3 soat oldin
    • Are you serious? The horse sperm episode was full leagues behind any other episode in the entire series

      Hiddle SubblubitesHiddle Subblubites3 soat oldin
  • What's the music playing in the background of this clip, that's what I wanna know

    EisseyEissey4 soat oldin
  • I think the version of him with the long hair will come back and try to kill the other Rick

    MaryGeorge KuzminskyMaryGeorge Kuzminsky4 soat oldin
  • The background music tho 😍

  • Hotline Miami 3

    Joseph AdachiJoseph Adachi5 soat oldin
  • This has gotta be the most emotional scene in all of Rick & morty.

    The brawn jameThe brawn jame5 soat oldin
  • He just never got closure.😕

    probotboyxxxprobotboyxxx5 soat oldin
  • The music makes this scene so addicting to watch

    Tia BirdsongTia Birdsong5 soat oldin
  • Makes you think.. That box labelled "time travel stuff" in the garage since first episode.

    DystopiaDystopia5 soat oldin
  • And also bp a prick tbh Rick dead azz a whole real friend he stopped his revenge tour just to help out bp but bp couldn’t even do one adventure

    DriplordissaDriplordissa6 soat oldin
  • So much to go in to like what were those rouge ricks where doing and what is this curve thingy

    DriplordissaDriplordissa6 soat oldin
  • The only Rick I've seen with a yellow shirt 2:06

    ADS ( Anti dream Stan ) groupADS ( Anti dream Stan ) group6 soat oldin
  • Great that Rick takes a quick holiday in the Pizza Dimension before exacting retribution.

    shrafeshrafe6 soat oldin
  • It’s wild when you think how the current Beth isn’t even the Beth WE THE AUDIENCE started with. The Beth in the flashback is still trapped in the Cronenberg Universe.

    Jose CastellanosJose Castellanos6 soat oldin
  • he has tech that could easily make him an actual infinite god of gray goo and massless entangled particles- true immortality, even in the face of a 0-energy higgs bubble. but he doesn't, as a testament to the mortality of his dead wife and daughter. it's really... beyond messed up. a human god is still a human, it seems. we cannot escape ourselves, if only because we aren't willing to. so much I wish I could say to this imaginary character...

    b pb p6 soat oldin
  • feel like this still isnt the truth because how does he find a rick with a morty and summer if all the ricks should be young still at that point. This show doesnt do anything with time travel

    snow Whitesnow White7 soat oldin
  • cool

    Anderson ChemeyAnderson Chemey7 soat oldin
  • so Rick C-137 is most powerful rick in the universe?

    nikobulosnikobulos7 soat oldin
  • All those dimensions where Rick "abandoned" Beth are actually dimensions when C137 killed that Rick.

    NoerdyNoerdy8 soat oldin
  • The Rick that killed Diane and Beth must have some link to evil morty

    ClarkyClarky8 soat oldin
  • I wanna see backstory about Rick working at Area 51

    N.E.U.R.O.OFFICIALN.E.U.R.O.OFFICIAL9 soat oldin
  • Sushi...That's what my ex-wife called me...Cold fish.... 1:06

    Carliger CarlCarliger Carl9 soat oldin
  • Appreciate the music 👍👍

    PospiclesPospicles9 soat oldin
  • Beth's face really gave me the chills... I re watched this episode so many times because it was legit the best episode I've seen so far. It blew my mind

    Shawn KnuckeyShawn Knuckey10 soat oldin
  • what was the name of the song in the background

    kermit the frogkermit the frog10 soat oldin
  • Our Rick never had an original Morty (because his beth died). That's what blows my mind about this. There was never a Morty C-137

    DSVIIDSVII10 soat oldin
  • There’s a lot of things here that make me wonder but one thing I can’t stop thinking about is that cube the other Rico broke and how important it is

    TrottersTrotters10 soat oldin
  • Unpopular Theory: The bomb that blew up the garage was accidentally sent by Morty (or Rick) in order to save Rick's current family which consists of Morty, Summer, and Beth.

    Ceran GayCeran Gay10 soat oldin
  • I always thought rick was an ass hole for the sake of being one, but now I totally get it.

    robert stewartrobert stewart10 soat oldin
  • Spoiler: Evil Rick, who killed C-137 Rick's family, is the Rick who walked out on Beth and C-137 Rick replaced.

    Mr MavvyMr Mavvy11 soat oldin
    • Where does it say that?

      Edwin NguyenEdwin Nguyen10 soat oldin
  • so his original beth died and he moved in with an abandoned beth as stated by his 30 year old self in s5e8.

    Mark SunMark Sun12 soat oldin
  • I would love to see a series of Young Rick’s Adventures and how he became the Rick we all know and love.

    SouperMovieCriticSouperMovieCritic12 soat oldin
  • I just noticed something. At 2:30 When Rick goes to an “abandoned beth” the house has the crack on the driveway from the “Risky Business” episode? Is this a mistake or does this imply that the early episodes of Rick and Morty we were dealing with different Rick? 🤔

    LPNLPN12 soat oldin
  • The Hole Memory is fake. Like white the insect were Rick transfer his minde.

    Seto LandSeto Land13 soat oldin
  • At 1:15, the female Morty and Summer really begs some questions, why are they at their respective ages? For them to already be in their teens means that this scene can't be far before the 1st series but that also doesn't seem likely, given Rick went into a wider war against other ricks and then built the citadel before all this happened.

    R3sistanceR3sistance13 soat oldin
  • The Rick that killed Rick's family, is the same one that Evil Morty was controlling.

    Tanner HolmesTanner Holmes13 soat oldin
  • So Rick didn’t actually make the Froopy land for his daughter or at least not the one we got to see.

  • I also think that because Morty saw why Rick went on adventures or did the things he did is because he couldn't avenge the Rick who killed his wife and beth and Morty knew it.

    Culvea SolvereCulvea Solvere13 soat oldin
  • I think he convinced them to build the citadel by talking about how his daughter was killed by one of them, I think that he also found out maybe that the rick who killed his family died somehow before he even had a chance to get to him and kill him for what he had done that's likely why he drinks all the time. I also think he went to a dimension where he knew his wife would be dead but his daughter Beth would be alive so that he could live with them to get to know her adult self, and couldn't go to live with her as a child because a version of his wife would be there which just added to his pain.

    Culvea SolvereCulvea Solvere13 soat oldin
  • Since our Rick's family died how did he end up with one he is with now? I can't recall

    JosephJoseph13 soat oldin
  • Rick C-137 killed the rick who killed his family ??

    MKV_StudiosMKV_Studios14 soat oldin
  • There are two things I don’t get. One, if c137 hated all the Ricks why did he help build the citadel? And two instead of searching infinite universes, why didn’t he go to the universe in which the other (bomber) Rick was just about to kill his wife?

    Kayra Umut MiralayKayra Umut Miralay14 soat oldin
  • There’s one thing I don’t understand. In Season 1 Episode 11 (Rickey Business), they teleport the Smith home from the alien planet back to its Earthly neighbourhood setting at an offset angle, establishing the now famous broken/askew footpath and driveway. Yet at 2:30 we see Rick returning home, well before the events of Season 1 Episode 1. The House is askew, the driveway and footpath off centre, yet these ‘environmental’ changes occurred in episode 11. Am I missing something here? Or is this MAYBE an oversight in detail by the makers of the show? A possible mistake?

    TheSimManTheSimMan14 soat oldin
  • Matpat would be really exicted about this video

    ReoBlueReoBlue14 soat oldin
  • ...doesn't this create a plot hole for the episode where Beth goes into her childhood pocket dimension?

    Abandoned VoidAbandoned Void14 soat oldin
  • So, why he didn't went to another dimension just like his, killed the Ricky, took his place, anb prepared sh1t to protect his family instead of letting his daughter alone her entire life?

    NoneNone14 soat oldin
  • The timeline where Rick abandons Beth and his wife is when RICK GOES IN THE PORTAL that the other rick offered at the start. When he says no we see Beth come out and she looks to be small child, around the same age it was hinted at that he abandoned them. So all the Ricks at the Citadel probably chose going through the portal that was offered rather than staying behind with his family, which is why C-137 is different than the rest, he achieved the technology on his own and wasn't given it. This also explains why there's so many versions of Rickless families where Rick abandoned Beth at a young age. He goes in the portal not knowing he won't come back. He never says goodbye before leaving so Beth thinks he just walked out

    HavocHeadHavocHead14 soat oldin
  • Idgaf who says or thinks what, This is the greatest animated backstory that has ever been told in the history of cartoons(dont bring anime into this). The way they portrayed Rick completely explains why he is the way he is, if you agree, you get it. YOU UNDERSTAND RICK AND MORTY IF YOU AGREE WITH EVERY WORD I"VE SAID.

    RafRaf15 soat oldin
  • They should have led with that at the beginning of S3 instead of those 6 or 7 episodes of noise we got.

    Noël FlantierNoël Flantier15 soat oldin
  • 1:16 is this a famel version of Morty in the background?

    GregyGregy15 soat oldin
  • I just realized rick cares even if just a little

    What?What?15 soat oldin
  • damn all those backgrounds just to be shown for 2 second. imagine how much effort they put into this animation it's amazing.

    TheJester2TheJester215 soat oldin
  • Anybody else notice that the Rick that killed Diane and Beth had a different kind of portal gun as well as how similar the bomb looks to crow tech?

    QuaQua15 soat oldin
  • The ending where you hear diferente Ricks and Mortys laughing, just having a good time. Him wanting to have adventures with his grandson throughout infinite timelines, just proves that there is something so special about There relationship.

    Yelser DeleonYelser Deleon15 soat oldin
  • its some kind of cyberpunk 2077 vibe

    Jie ChangJie Chang16 soat oldin
  • That maze dimension is breathtakingly aesthetic! I love it

    BRAD ZAPBRAD ZAP16 soat oldin
  • Could Adult Swim or RickandMorty please release this music on spotify!

    Psycho_ManiacPsycho_Maniac17 soat oldin
  • I don't know why. But this made me cry.

    Adhithya PereraAdhithya Perera17 soat oldin
  • Wait didn't those cracks on the road happen at the end of season 1?

    Charles Cedric TanCharles Cedric Tan17 soat oldin
  • 1:16 why’s morty wearing a dress version of his regular fit

    Johan YousefJohan Yousef17 soat oldin
  • Loved the ost I think best I would ever hear 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    hdranoid bakuganhdranoid bakugan17 soat oldin
  • I came here for the music

    Liam BertuzziLiam Bertuzzi17 soat oldin
  • Is it just me or is anyone else picking up the x-files theme meets blade runner vibe to the score ? Loving it

    Daniel KorsakDaniel Korsak17 soat oldin
  • What if the Rick that killed C-137’s family was C-137 from a distant future? That’s why he never found him cuz it was C-137 all along?

    GORIZARDGORIZARD17 soat oldin
  • 1:16 morty is a girl lmao :)))

    Bác Sĩ Tâm LinhBác Sĩ Tâm Linh17 soat oldin
  • Crybaby

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo18 soat oldin
  • If he hates himself why would he not kill himself

    im_shrek's _dealerim_shrek's _dealer18 soat oldin
  • This timeline doesn't make sense. The crack on the driveway and foot path is from S1E11 when the house got teleported. We have to be looking at a different Rick's memories!

    thorpie2206thorpie220619 soat oldin
  • I will use a term not from rick and morty, but the very first real encounter of the 2 ricks ( science one through portal, family one in garage ), is a Nexus Event for Rick. That encounter opened the multiverse of Rick C-137, the family one. His mind went from peace, to trauma, to revenge. That quantum change opened other ricks but they where not as motivated as unique Rick C-137, they had their own interest once the revenge motivation fades little by little, Rick by Rick, with some Ricks going for their own desires, losing their minds throught the years, giving infinite variables of rick. But Rick C-137 started at the Nexus Event, so he knows what really happened and he is not leting go. He doesnt care killing other Ricks because they are a consequence of his Nexus event, and not from a time before that. IF time travel is involved in the future ( to infinity and beyond ), then in a way, there is no real end road because time is infinite. So Rick C-137 could never really reach the Rick that killed his family. Maybe, but since it's a show, through the show would be the only way to see a conclusion to the infinity of that story. There is 1 sotryline that can go like that, Rick can travel through dimensions for it, but only 1 Rick through the infinity of Ricks will reach his objetive. The other will have slight variables that will not make him find his objectives. And us as viewers, with the writers with their ability to gives a vision of infinite possibilities, we might give Rick C-137 his revenge with our own inter-dimensional cable. I talk about "Nemesis Rick", opposed to Nexus Rick C-137. If Rick C-137 survives ( which with infinity it is possible ), he is the Nexus Event traveling trough his own dimension. Im am not yet talking about "Evil nickname" morty. So Rick at some point doesnt care killing all Ricks after he is drunk and dgaf. they are variables that werent supposed to happen because he wanted a family. Maybe the infinite mortys ( in a way Rick C-137 says that he is not responsible for other Ricks ), are a product of some of those Ricks looking for revenge but they went capitalist selling mortys for selfish Ricks for their own desires. So the original intent of finding Nemesis Rick was lost, and Rick C-137 just kills wahtever Ricks he encounters that is not cool enough in a human way for him. "Evil nickname" Morty is just a consequence of that infinity of variables of the original Nexus Event. He is pissed. But Rick C-137 can't really do more than that for him. "Evil nickname" Morty has his own revenge in the infinity of possible mortys. Plus, every itteration of rick and morty, there is a good morty and good (better than others in infinity) rick. The Central Finite Curve. "Evil nickname" Morty is almost ( maybe in infinity ) the same wavelenght as Nemesis Rick. if The color portals have a matter, then i can't go any further for now because Nemesis Rick has a green portal fluid. so no real conection in infinity, and "Evil nickname" Morty will have his own story with yellow portal fuild. With infinity having genius Jerry and such. sooooo the only iteration for Rick C-137 having his own personal conclusion as a proper Nexus Event being himself, is for the writers to do so, giving him a road for his conclusion, and some adventure with least suffering for C-137 ( example with ricks 0716, 0716-b, 0719-c ). he doenst have a letter so he is a C-137 nexus rick. the writers have invinite C-137 to make stories. but 1 to make Rick C-137 win his story, and us seeing it in the interdimensional cable. maybe even give rick some kind of " yeah they gave me some helpful direction here i can thank them for that" with whatever eyes and drooling, something like that. and they can continue adventures. Not giving and end to the show, but give redemption to Rick C-137, and some mental rest to give that energy to his family in the infinity of possibilities, and against future possible threats. possible. so idk. adventures are adventures. Rick C-137 took things in his own hands after some time after his encounter with Nemesis Rick. Even maybe C is the event, the encounter between Nemesis Rick with no number, and Rick C, so there is B, so there is original encounter. and Rick C-137 is a : 3 ( a+b+c) multiplied by 137 = 411 numbers of time rick arrived to the point where we are now in the show, "evil nickname" morty crossing the yellow portal, as an end scene to the rick C-137 story. time passed so variables passed since the original event encounter of Nemesis Rick and Family Rick encounter. shock, grief, thinking, determination. quantum variables in the multidimentional sea of infinity. the show is infinite. the interdimentional cable is the one ginving us nice stories. Time travel is in the table. we will see in our time and space what will happen. and to add to that, there IS a time before the nexus event, so infinite more variables of Rick. Variables before the show. Thats where Nemesis Rick comes from, if not the future, but even so, time travel before that nexus event is different from Rick C-137, which is his own story. that encounter is a knot in the sea of infinity and time and space. before Rick that wanted family in his mind, and after Rick that got his family killed. if Rick C-137 used time travel; and that meaning the variables coming from the nexus event; then those time travels happened AFTER the nexus event of the very first encounter. he coulndt travel to the real location by himself because he would have to travel through that knot, which in a way is time travel but he would need to travel through that time travel. maybe its the portal that "evil nickname" morty used. maybe not if infinity is there. if somehow later on, like some seaons, some character call him like " hey C-137 B ( c d sigma whatever )", then it could hint that he tried and failed, and the one we see is one that kept going. since the birth of Rick, to the event in the garage, there is a lot other possibilities. for now it is a Rick story, since beth and morty and summer are descendants. before the birth of Rick, we don't know yet i think. So since the birth of Rick, we got garage family Rick, and portal traveling Nemesis Rick. Maybe someone also influenced Nemesis Rick to do that to family Rick so the chain of reactions starts, the same way Ricks used to mass produce mortys. So the possibilities open even more. But, as i already said, the writers are the only ones that can give garage family Rick what he wants. If it folds down to 1 thing for himslef in infinity, the it becomes selfish. If it is family, he opens the multiverse of Beth and morty and summer. in that infinity, the central finite curve is Rick C-137, maybe after other variable ricks, is an attempt to give life to his family and the less suffering possible for his family. but in the infinity of possibilities, there is "evil nickname" morty. we will see what comes of it.

    Depredador LopezDepredador Lopez19 soat oldin
  • Damn this episode felt deep. He really is the Rickist of Ricks

    Jaedyn ThavongsaJaedyn Thavongsa19 soat oldin
  • my favorite part for some reason is when those 4 members of the council talked him into building the citadel for them.. potentially discussing cfc as well.. and he's just like.. "fine... I'll do it.. stfu.. he's like fuck you guys I don't agree with this but I'll do it for you if you leave me the fuck alone!!" 😂😂😂😂

    Bruce BannerBruce Banner19 soat oldin
  • I think he commited genocide on the other rick XD

    Bryant HalifaxBryant Halifax20 soat oldin
  • at 2:06 You can see slow ri- tall morty

    Nugg3t555Nugg3t55520 soat oldin
  • 1:06 Can anyone tell me the name of rick who is eating noodles?

    DrizzqxlDrizzqxl20 soat oldin
  • Isn’t the reason why Rick couldn’t find that older Rick was because that Rick came from the future?

    Trung Bao TranTrung Bao Tran20 soat oldin
  • 2:34 that part hits me. So Rick actually cared and enjoyed all those adventures. All that time spent on "his grandson"

    starkiler13starkiler1320 soat oldin
  • I feel bad for Rick. He chose his family over science just for them to be killed, then went if a killing rampage killing his own kind just to find who killed his original family. Only to then give up take places of another Rick from a different dimension and take the blame for “neglecting” his family. (At least that’s what I think)

    Exotic_ButtersExotic_Butters21 soat oldin
  • How did Beth survive the explosion

    RxpidRxpid21 soat oldin
  • I want to believe that R&M team is planning on something bigger-than-life for the show. That's why they keep trollin us whit "just simple adventures". They are having fun right now, but underneath this all is growing something what we just saw here. R&M is now a teenager on the verge of adulthood: still time to fool around, but soon you have to make the decisive choices of your path. I am sure we see Rick's backstory and all canon related to that to much higher extent.

    ATo1ATo121 soat oldin
  • The interesting thing about this scene is that there is no guarantee that the bomb came from the darker skinned Rick that left. Anyone (including people that aren't Ricks) with access to a working portal gun that makes green portals could have dropped the bomb there for just about any reason.

    luigibarqsluigibarqs21 soat oldin
  • Theory: the reason he can’t find the Rick that killed his family is because he escaped the central finite curve.

    Billybobjoe 0201Billybobjoe 020121 soat oldin
  • i really wanna see beths reaction to his backstory

    somekidsomekid21 soat oldin
  • theory: the rick he’s looking for was outside the curve

    Obnoxious Harrow MainObnoxious Harrow Main21 soat oldin
    • Evil Morty just went outside the curve himself. What if Evil Morty is that Rick's Original Morty?

      Cliffy Hustle PodcastCliffy Hustle Podcast5 soat oldin
  • Wait if he killed all of those ricks how the hell is he just walking around the citadel Scott free. Wouldn’t he be arrested for killing them like when evil morty set him up in season 1?

    Ahmed ElmadboulyAhmed Elmadbouly22 soat oldin
  • Simple to catch that Rick go back before that Rick showed up and kill him ez

    Just your friendly neighborhood furryJust your friendly neighborhood furry22 soat oldin
  • I’m calling it now that evil morty is the rick that killed his family.

    De GarçonDe Garçon23 soat oldin
  • this soundtrack!

    Rohit BhardwajRohit Bhardwaj23 soat oldin
  • "Dead wife?" "Yes. Now we can all shut up about it!" LOL!

    PH5121PH512123 soat oldin
  • No Rick. Having a sad backstory doesn’t justify all the horrible things you’ve done. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Luis GarcíaLuis García23 soat oldin
  • acid trip

    Zoran MuhammadZoran Muhammad23 soat oldin
  • ohhh... so both beths are clones

    MurphuggerMurphuggerKun oldin
    • @luigibarqs so neither beth is his original beth?

      MurphuggerMurphugger21 soat oldin
    • Could equally be that Beth is not a clone but is from a different universe, one where its respective Rick either disappeared or died, and this Rick is acting as a replacement.

      luigibarqsluigibarqs22 soat oldin