Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin' VR Part.2 - (VRChat: FNF Mods)

Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin' VR Part.2 - (VRChat: FNF Mods) Sonic.exe is stronger then we thought. PapaFearGaming struggles to fight sonic as he changes into his final 2 forms, Majin Sonic... and... find out in todays new Friday Night Funkin' VRChat episode!

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PFG Model by - Octuplex
PFG Power up Model by -
Voice over by Chuck Fresh -

Model by Slushie - Slushy_Anime
Actors in this video (Show them some love!):
Godzilla (Sonic.EXE) -
Ashella (Body actor/GF) -
Mahershl (Body actor/BF)
Raven (Body actor/Sonic)

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  • Enjoy the epic conclusion to the SONIC SAGA! But how will it end? 😵 Watch the whole thing to find out!

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